Working place

Traditional style and sophisticated atmosphere

Beautiful architecture


It is a warm and welcoming space in a renovated traditional architecture in Hoi An, Vietnam.
This space has a special atmosphere that combines tradition and sophistication.

Complete facilities

Taking room

Free of charge

Healthy drinks

Free 1 drink a day

Water and Tea

Free of charge

Glass boards

Free of charge

Standing desk

Free of charge

Meeting room

Discounted price for members

Personal locker

for monthly cosutomers

Access to info

Members-only website

Support to work

We have a good network


Printing 5 copies a day

Excellent services

The service concept is “The usual place different from usual”.
Our service-trained staff will warmly welcome you.

Free 1 drink a day

By using the coworking space, you can order 1 free drink per day from the our cafe. Cafe “Bougainvillea” is popular for its healthy drinks and home-roasted precious Arabica coffee in Danang.

Information & Community

The coworking space gives you access to a members-only information site.
We also help you make connections with experts and local professionals.