This is the first destination for travelers .

Travelers station SpaceA

For the people who want to challenge in the new world,
We provide a working place, Information, community for them in the one place.

Working place

The space is a Vietnamese-style house renovated in a modern style.
It is both traditional and sophisticated.


We provide information  to stay, live and work.
So you can quickly adapt to your new environment.


We hold interesting classes and events.
It helps you network both professionally and personally.

Our mission

For the people who want to challenge, to grow, to change, to live freely in the new world,
We make the first destination and give courage and hope to travel to them.

Traditional style and sophisticated atmosphere​

Our vision


We are going to spread the concept of travelers station all over the world and
create the world where people are more free to try new worlds.

About features

We have a unique concept that will give you great experiences with a perfect location.
SpaceA is also the oldest co-working space in the beach area.

Our Location

It is 3 minutes walk from the most famous beach in Da Nang.