This is the first destination for travelers.

Travelers station SpaceA

Travelers station is a service model that provides “information for living”, “chance for meeting people” and “destination for a comfortable workplace” in one place for those who want to challenge the new world.
It also is considered a “place for deepening mutual understanding” for people from different backgrounds. Space A was founded in Da Nang as the first Travelers station with the purpose to become the role model for this concept.

About Travelers station SpaceA

Working place

Space A is a renovated space from a traditional Vietnamese house. The first floor is a lounge space. The second floor is a quiet space for concentration. The third floor is a multi-purpose room where you can take videos/photos and take various lessons etc.

Working place


A travel concierge is provided by SpaceA team. We will offer advice to customers staying for medium to long term in Da Nang. Customers who use SpaceA’s lounge service and coworking space can use concierge services. Business consultation is charged.



We organize multiple events to create a foreign community where expats and travelers from all over the world, as well as, locals can easily join and then understand deeply each other.



Peaceful and energetic.

Pricing table

3 hours
$1.3 +30000 vnd
  • Please order one item separately from the lounge fee.
1 Day
$7 160000 vnd
5 Days
$32 750000 vnd
  • You do not have to use it for 5 consecutive days. You can choose any 5 days.

SpaceA has two charges: a short time as a lounge (3 hours) or a day pass as a coworking space.
Opening hours are [Mon-Sat] 8: 00-18: 00 (until 21:00 at the event), and regular holidays are Sundays and public holidays in Vietnam.

This is peaceful and energetic.

Vietnam Danang

Da Nang is more and more attractive with gorgeous beaches which are becoming an ideal destination for tourists.
It is surrounded by three World Heritage sites which attract many tourists from all over the world for visiting every year. In Da Nang, SpaceA is located in An Thuong area where a lot of foreigners living and working. It is just 3 minutes walk from My Khe Beach, the area is a popular tourist destination, and all food, clothing, and shelters are within walking distance.

About Danang