About Travelers station

Travelers station provide a working place, Information, community for them in the one place
for the people who want to challenge in the new world.

Challenging a new world brings with it a certain amount of anxiety.
You don’t know where you are going, you don’t have anyone close to you, and  how to make a living.
We are trying to solve such problems by creating a place that will be the first destination for them.

As an idea for a solution, we devised the concept of a Travelers station and are creating a place
that will serve as a role model for this concept.

Our mission

For the people who want to challenge, to grow, to change, to live freely in the new world,
We make the first destination and give courage and hope to travel to them.

Our vision


We are going to spread the concept of travelers station all over the world and
create the world where people are more free to try new worlds.

Our policies

Raison d’être 
We are the organization that exists to live a Well-being life
by making all the people involved with us happy through our work.

Well-being first  

We make all the people involved with us happy.

Always think | Be lovely | Step by step | Be unique | Keep the balance

Help each other | Acknowledge each other | Teach each other |
Improve each other | Thank each other

Principle: Altruism 


Founded on September 1, 2018 by Masayoshi Aritomo