Travelers station

The role of Travelers station we hope to achieve will be “the first destination where people who challenge the new world will access” and “a place for people with different backgrounds to deepen mutual understanding”.

By spreading the concept of Travelers stations around the world, it will be easier for people who want to confront the challenges of a new world, and at the same time, people with different backgrounds will have the opportunities to deepen mutual understanding. We honestly hope to create a truly connected world.

About Travelers station
Travelers station

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SpaceA's team

The main members of SpaceA.

SpaceA management plan

Raison d’être :
We are the organization that exists to live a Well-being life
by making all the people involved with us happy through our work.


Motto: Well-being first
Philosophy: We make all the people involved with us happy.

Values: Always think | Be lovely | Step by step | Be unique | Keep the balance

Human relationships: Help each other | Acknowledge each other
Teach each other | Improve each other | Thank each other


Mission: We support people who make Vietnam a better place.

We make the bible to support them.
We make the place to support them.
We make the leaders to support them.

Company name: SPACE A Co., Ltd.